First Blog Post: Narrative Music Ideas

For our latest project in my second year of university we have been asked to do an assignment on the ideas around narrative. I was really chuffed at first to hear that this was our latest theme and my head is overflowing with ideas, which seems like a good start.

As shown in the video above, my first inspiration came from hearing a piece on the radio by French composer Claude Debussy called Prelude to the afternoon of a faun or in the french Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune. I have always been particularly fascinated in this piece and its mystical qualities that seem to very much lend itself to some kind of story or narration. This is very appropriate as Debussy was referred to an Impressionist composer. As with the artistic movement, Impressionist music aims to, obviously, create an impression of a particular place or subject. Therefore, often creating some kind of narrative, whether that be imagined by the listeners or laid down by the composer themselves.  

This all leads nicely to my opening idea to tell a story photographically as an illustration to a piece of music. Although I may not end up using Debussy’s piece it is a good starting point. Particularly as i would like to take inspiration from fantasy theme, like the faun. I have always enjoyed imagining the scene of a faun playing pan pipes under a tree and now is my chance to turn that to a reality.


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