Blurb e-book’s

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For my narrative project I have been asked to create both a digital and a hard copy of our work. Both theses forms are to be on the same theme, but using different narratives. Basically we have to create two narratives on the same theme, one digitally like a short film and the other a physical print or book. With this in mind I received an e-mail from, who are an Internet based company who publish books. The email was to notify me that they had the option to create an e-book, which could be used for my digital part of the narrative unit. This would allow me to use video, text and still images, which could be a bit over the top using all three of those options. However, I would have a lot of flexibility and could be really successful especially if I use my music idea. I was thinking of using a music score instead of text so that the music could be followed. Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts. See the link bellow to find out more.


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