Narrative Update and Book Reaserch

Well I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished writing my essay for this term! With that I also send my apologises that it has taken me this long to get round to writing a new blog post!

Obviously a lot has happened since my last post so I will briefly fill you in. My digital project has in fact done a bit of a u-turn and I’m reverting back to my original video experiment, but more on that to come soon. My main focus now is on my second narrative, which has to be in book form and show different skills in storytelling to the digital piece, but around the same theme. To link the two pieces together I aim to create a book with photographs taken through my wheelchair tray alongside a music score so the images will tell the story of the music. The piece I want to use is called Reverie also by Debussy, as with the first piece I researched, and the word Reverie translates to day-dreaming which fits in perfectly with the style of my tray images again more on that in future posts.

When researching for the book project my tutor suggested I should look at a book called ‘Composition no.1’ by Marc Saporta, as shown in the video above. Composition no. 1 is based on a book from the 1960s and reassembled in a box with each individual page loose. This allows the reader to put the pages in any order you so wish to create your own narrative within the existing narrative. I find this a very intriguing concept and I like the fact it makes the book more interactive almost like some kind of installation, which is also seen on the app version of the book that allows you to move letters and words around along the same lines as the hard copy. In my own work I’d like to be able to use this example and perhaps allow a similar kind of interactive experience with my own project. I could achieve this by interspersing the images with the music or independent moving pages so you could turn the pages and create your own narrative.

For more information check out this link:


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