Rounding Up

It is always a great feeling having finished a project and especially when you know you can let go of all the stress it causes you, but having said that it shows how much we care about what we do. It has also been fantastic to really get my creative juices going and free myself to experimenting with photography. I think myself truly blessed to not only study at university, but to study something I truly love doing. The narrative project hand-in is tomorrow, but while this project may be over it may help with future assignments.

Well here’s the finished result!

IMG_0580 IMG_0579 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583


To create the book, once I had the layout, I put the images into InDesign being sure that I’d got the measurements correct for the printers. The printers I am using are called Eyes Wide Digital Ltd and they are based in Dorking, Surrey and printed all the images and text for the book to my exact requirements. They did a great job! Once printed it was a case of getting it all put together. There were a few sizing issues however, the inside cover was a bit to small, but with a bit of improvising by turning it into a flyleaf the book was finished. I’m very happy with end result particularly the professional look and finish, but still a very handmade look to it. The tactile textures of the paper I use also added the style I aimed to create. I was a little bit worried that the theme could be a bit lost on the audience, but I’ll see what people make of it tomorrow.

As I’ve written about before, the book describes the piece of music called Rêverie (daydreaming in English) by Claude Debussy, which goes with the dream-like state my images create. To tie this to my theme the photographs were taken through my wheelchair tray showing how I cope with my disability through creativity. This also goes with the music score I have chosen, as a dream describes my creative bubble of photography and music where I escape to pretty well.

As for the video piece I am now happy with the end result, but unfortunately I couldn’t upload it for some reason. It’s a Quicktime file, if anyone knows how to put that up on here I would be grateful? All I did to the film was to add a titles (The Harpist) and credits (crediting my sister playing the harp in the film) with a fadeout at the end.


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