Photo-shoot for Digital Narrative


Aims for the Shoot:

  • My main aim of the shoot is to document how I compose music in response to not being able to play the harp anymore and my frustration of not being able to get into the room where my sister practices.
  •  I have two options one is to try using video mode on my camera and then speeding it up to create a time-lapse film.
  • The other option is to use stills controlled by either the shutter release or the camera timer. The advantage of this is the resolution allowing motion blur and a more professional look.
  • The second thing I would like to try is to use my camera attached to my tray and film me talking to Anna from the next room to improve my piece.
  • To record the harp I have got a recording device from stores that I will use to record the harp from the next room.


IMG_0421To capture my composing process I positioned the camera using my Mac (right) with live view so that I could make sure both myself and the other computer with the light from my bedroom door to the garden were in shot. I was using the PC computer to write music with a program called Sibelius 6. Sibelius 6 is a great program that allows you place notes onto a music score using the mouse so you can write music at the click of a button! This is especially good for me as I can’t physically write music by hand. IMG_0422 IMG_0423


As shown above I felt that the outcome of the shoot fulfilled my aims fairly successfully. I was particularly pleased with the soft lighting achieved from my bedroom door and this changed throughout the day so that should add to the final film. I think I should have tried some more inventive angles to make it more interesting.  I hope the final piece achieves the right tone to express what I’m trying to say.


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