Further Narrative Ideas

Narrative Ideas:


  • Original ideas for digital narrative: to document the discussion and relationship between me and my sister when she is practising the harp.
  • Underlying theme: my frustration at not being able to get into the room where she is practising, the fact that I can no longer play the harp anymore and my response to that, contrasted with the positivity of my composing.
  • Narrative structure: creation of a composition from start to finish re-enacting The Wedding Blessing possibly using a time-lapse of me writing the music on the computer to the collaboration between me and Anna perfecting the music ending with the performance at the wedding
  • Side idea for another project: to film dad painting one of the harps or working in his workshop.


  • Storyboard the narrative
  • Talk to my cousin about using some of her wedding images for conclusion
  • Practice filming using my SLR attached to my tray

Now I have written out my final idea I am feeling confident that I have chosen the right theme. For my final digital narrative I aim to combine time-lapse and real-time film together. As I have said further up, I am going to use my composing to show my positive outlook on my situation. When I lost the ability to play the harp a friend of mine suggested I should try composing which has now become a fantastic way to escape and lose myself in creativity. This idea will also be continuing my hope to use my composing alongside my photography by illustrating my music through my images. The piece I will be using is called, A Wedding Blessing and I was commissioned to write the piece for my cousin’s wedding last year.


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